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So many questions, so few answers. May I remind everybody to make sure that they get their information from a reliable source. I subscribe to the belief that if you need a second opinin, ask an expert. Also please check information before sharing it.

 With regard to Covid-19 I recommend that you check any information from any source at https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/myth-busters

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Business as usual

At present it is business as usual at the Dunelm Osteopaths and we hope to keep it that way. We are 'anti-baccing' surfaces regularly and asking everybody to wash their hands thoroughly before coming into the treatment rooms. I have stopped short of demanding to hear the 20 second snatch of a favourite handwashing song despite temptation to do so.

I went through how to properly wash hands with my Cubs last week, suggesting that this was an opportunity to be part of a solution, citizen science in action. Someone in the practice said that he felt we had a communal responsibilty to cleanse hands, screens and surfaces. I really liked this idea. It perhaps is a way of reuniting us after the ill-will of Brexit. It doesn't matter whether you think in terms of kingdom, country, community or family, if we can slow down and contain this virus we will be protecting our most vulnerable citizens and also protecting ourselves from isolation, illness and economic downturn.

If you are into mindfulness handwashing is a fabulous way of being in the moment of sensation, if a gamer you are blasting covid 19, an action fan maybe saving civilisation as we know it...how are you going to make washing your hands a pleasure forever, not a chore?

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We are presently still seeing patients, however please do not come in if you feel unwell. We understand if you do wish to cancel appointments everyone must make their own best decisions. Please feel very welcome to phone for advise, we are very happy to talk to you.

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Please phone us

Dear All, our doors are closed but the phone line is open. We know that pain does not respect self isolation or distancing. Please do not hesitate to ring for advice 07792077315.

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Why am I in pain?

It is often a surprise to people when I ask them what they haven't been doing. It's amazing how a small thing like a daily walk to work, a social swim, or an exercise class is just enough to keep our bodies working comfortably. Then our routines change and our bodies and minds find themselves in trouble. Our new way of life since March has certainly highlighted this. Many people who came to the Practice in June and July for help have found that their bodies struggling due to an enforced decrease in movement and exercise.

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I am delighted to announce that we are now open. Regular visitors will notice some changes but our welcome is as warm as ever. Please bear with the new screening process, risk assessments and PPE. We are trying to make things safe and decrease risk as much as possible for all of us. I will be putting more information up here soon and you can go to the Facebook page, Dunelm Osteopaths for more information. I hope to see you soon!

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