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Why am I in pain?

It is often a surprise to people when I ask them what they haven't been doing. It's amazing how a small thing like a daily walk to work, a social swim, or an exercise class is just enough to keep our bodies working comfortably. Then our routines change and our bodies and minds find themselves in trouble. Our new way of life since March has certainly highlighted this. Many people who came to the Practice in June and July for help have found that their bodies struggling due to an enforced decrease in movement and exercise.

However, this month we are seeing people who have finally been able to return to the gym or swimming pool but have forgotten to factor in months of stillness or of doing other forms of exercise. They have attempted to pick up where they left off. We all do it, may I humbly suggest that when exercising after a break drop any thoughts which contain the words 'ought' and 'used to be able'. Finally don't forget that whilst motion is lotion, pace it to ace it.