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Dunelm Osteopaths

Sometimes we can't fix the problem but we can help you to manage it so we need to get to know you.


About Sian

Sian Greeves (she/her) qualified as an osteopath over twenty years ago. She decided to train having received effective osteopathic care for her back pain. Sian has refined her practice over the years and aims to deliver gentle but effective treatment and uses functional exercises which fit into everyday life. She follows the latest research into pain with great interest, since her mission is to get you in control of your situation so that you can start enjoying your life at work and play. Sian finds it particularly satisfying that people often report that their general mental and physical health has improved after osteopathic treatment, showing that good structure can improve function. She enjoys the variety of age and conditions she treats and the never ending fascination that is the human body.

The Clinic


Number 5,
Frankland Lane,
Tel: 0191 383 0677