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Dunelm Osteopaths

If you are unsure if osteopathy can help you, call us. We are always happy to have a quick no obligation chat.

Practice Information

Covid 19 and other bugs -
Hygiene for keeping healthy

At Dunelm Osteopaths our intention is to keep you safe and well. We cannot wipe out all risk but we are doing our best to reduce it. Our risk assessment states the importance of keeping the Practice well ventilated and sanitised.

This is how it works 'in practice':

  • Please do not attend the practice if you are feeling unwell. If you have an appointment booked ring us if you are feeling ill and we will assess whether we think you can come in. This is really important to keep both us and our other patients well.
  • We have a foot operated hand sanitiser unit which we ask you to use before you enter the treatment rooms. Or please wash your hands, sink available in the restroom.
  • The rooms are ventilated with open windows so we ask you to wear light, non-restrictive clothing that we can work through.
  • The toilet is still available.
  • Payment is still either by cash, card, cheque or bank transfer.
  • The toilet is still available, please wipe down any surfaces that any part of you has touched.
  • Payment is still either by cash, card or bank transfer.
  • Once you have gone the pillows are sanitised and the room has a few minutes to air before the next patient comes in.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following our guidelines. Any updates tend to go first to our Facebook page.


1st consultation (usually including treatment) £52
Please allow 45-60 minutes

Follow up treatment sessions £43
Please allow 25-35 minutes

The Clinic


Number 5,
Frankland Lane,
Tel: 0191 383 0677