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I was speaking at a womens'networking group alongside my friend and colleague Lyn White (reverse therapy) last week. We were talking a little about life/work balance but also acknowledging that many people do spend long hours sitting at desks often in front of computers. I took the blog I wrote a while ago about sitting and we went through some exercises which can be done at the desk, my part of the talk was entitled 'sit at your peril.' Before I started I was able to observe my audience and it was so interesting to try to match sitting posture to mood. Somebody in discomfort leaning over to the side was next to somebody who was obviously wishing she hadn't come. Luckily most were sitting forward in expectation of some interesting information although there was some apprehension once I started talking about desk exercises. The point of this piece? Just to say that your face may smile but your body often tells other people how you're really feeling. It is possible to fool people by adjusting your posture but be careful..if you sit and look alert open and interested you will probably end up feeling that way too.