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Frozen shoulders

These frozen shoulders are a menace. Painful and debilitating they really interfere with life's activities and sleep. The onset is usually a mystery, there are often many factors involved including trauma. posture, hormones, genetics and so on. It's not a popular syndrome with therapists either, treatment can be painful to administer and results are not always as good as we would like. To this end I spent some of my Easter break doing a study course on frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) using the Niel Asher technique.

Niel Asher is an osteopath who has developed a system of treatment using osteopathic techniques and trigger points. The treatment is no more painful than the condition and did well in a small trial done with the Rheumatic Research Unit at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. So far I have found the treatment approach to be very helpful even with shoulder problems other than Frozen Shoulder. Of course the anatomy revision never does any harm when it comes to osteopathy. So all in all time well spent during that nasty cold week back in March.