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We offer high standards of Osteopathic care in a welcoming and supportive environment. We want you to leave us feeling more positive and in control than when you arrived; so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Dunelm Osteopathy

Osteopaths are skilled healthcare professionals who use their knowledge and skills to treat people of all ages. We try to understand what is causing your symptoms and if we think that they are due to the mechanics of your body not working well we use hands on techniques to try to change the situation. For example we may treat your foot because that is where an injury has occurred or we may treat your foot because its mechanics are causing your knee pain.

The techniques involve massage and stretching, articulation (movement) through the joints and manipulation. We treat all areas of the body, if it’s muscular or got joints we want to get our hands on!

Osteopaths acknowledge the need for healthy lifestyles and will give advice or guidance on exercise, diet and mental attitude. We do our best form a partnership with you, helping you to gain the ability and skills to manage your physical health.

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  • Saw this and thought of you


    Common back pain myths


    Osteopath Anna Roberts, takes a closer look at some of the common myths around back pain, find out more below:


  • New Year, New You (here we go again)

    "Happy New Year", it's an interesting phrase. With happiness must come the knowledge of sadness just as we enjoy the sunshine more after rain. No-one lives a life of total happiness, but we can look to find moments of joy, often, wonderfully these moments crop up uninvited, and sometimes the pursiot of happiness can make us sadder as we seek the unobtainable. 

      It is the time of year when the Press tells us we should be bettering ourselves, and why not?  The starting again in January, writing 01 for each days date gives us an opportunity to reassess. But we need to be kind to our bodies and minds. Let's not go battering into our resolutions of more exercise, less food, get this done, that learned because we've been led to believe it will make us happy. Let's do all of these things in order to nurture our wonderful bodies and minds because we want to, and let's do them in such a way as to promote a feeling of satisfaction not despair. Maybe then we can start being more aware of random feelings of joy.

      If you have found this web-site because your New Year resolution to exercise more has resulted in musculo-skeletal pain, or if your resolution is to deal with a long term discomfort, or any other reason we will be delighted to help you find your own way to achieve your goals. We will listen to you carefully, you are the expert as to what you are feeling. If we think we can help you we will offer hands on treatment and advice according to our knowledge and experience, but you will not be pressured to accept it. We will not hand out 'one size fits all exercise sheets', we will tailor exercise according to your wishes, needs and past experience. We will try to help you achieve your resolutions, but perhaps more importantly we will try to work out HOW those resolutions might be.