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We offer high standards of Osteopathic care in a welcoming and supportive environment. We want you to leave us feeling more positive and in control than when you arrived; so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Dunelm Osteopathy

Osteopaths are skilled healthcare professionals who use their knowledge and skills to treat people of all ages. We try to understand what is causing your symptoms and if we think that they are due to the mechanics of your body not working well we use hands on techniques to try to change the situation. For example we may treat your foot because that is where an injury has occurred or we may treat your foot because its mechanics are causing your knee pain.

The techniques involve massage and stretching, articulation (movement) through the joints and manipulation. We treat all areas of the body, if it’s muscular or got joints we want to get our hands on!

Osteopaths acknowledge the need for healthy lifestyles and will give advice or guidance on exercise, diet and mental attitude. We do our best form a partnership with you, helping you to gain the ability and skills to manage your physical health.

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  • http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/shantel-irwin/bringing-local-communitie_b_18233698.html

    This came in from arthritis action. if you suffer from arthritis why not check them out  www.arthritisaction.org.uk

  • Nature's cure

    An interesting National Geographic article, This is Your Brain on Nature and accompanying video, explore the positive health and societal benefits associated with experiencing and connecting to the natural world.  As they point out, “Science is proving what we’ve always known intuitively: nature does good things to the human brain—it makes us healthier, happier, and smarter.”  Importantly, they mention that positive health benefits do not necessitate full emersion into untouched nature, but can be gained from engaging with the more natural elements of an urban environment and even exposure to images of the natural world. (taken from NOIjam July 27th 2017)

     Those clever people at NOI  (Nuero Orthopaedic Institute)   are suggesting that maybe prescribed home exercise may work even better if done in an environment that makes you feel happy, so for example perhaps we shuld talk about 'garden exercise',  'beach exercise', park exercise'. Not feasible due to the great British weather, location or embarrassment? The good news is that even looking out of the window at something natural or looking at a picture of ntature can be effective inpositively influencing your brain. 

      I've been doing my daily pre-work stetching in my sunroom at home, usually to the accompaniment of the sound of rain. Do you know what? It feels good.