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We offer high standards of Osteopathic care in a welcoming and supportive environment. We want you to leave us feeling more positive and in control than when you arrived; so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Dunelm Osteopathy

Osteopaths are skilled healthcare professionals who use their knowledge and skills to treat people of all ages. We try to understand what is causing your symptoms and if we think that they are due to the mechanics of your body not working well we use hands on techniques to try to change the situation. For example we may treat your foot because that is where an injury has occurred or we may treat your foot because its mechanics are causing your knee pain.

The techniques involve massage and stretching, articulation (movement) through the joints and manipulation. We treat all areas of the body, if it’s muscular or got joints we want to get our hands on!

Osteopaths acknowledge the need for healthy lifestyles and will give advice or guidance on exercise, diet and mental attitude. We do our best form a partnership with you, helping you to gain the ability and skills to manage your physical health.

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The Clinic


Number 5,
Frankland Lane,
Tel: 0191 383 0677


  • Perfect Posture

    Here is a quick posture check....are you sitting comfortably at work? The chances are, probably not. For many years we have been advised to sit up straight at our desks. Now here's a thing, for some while the advice has been changed but the news does not seem to be filtering through.

     Now we are encouraged to snuggle right back against our chair and then tilt the whole back so that we are reclined to an angle of about 100 - 110 degrees. Arms should be at our sides so that just the hands are at the front of the desk resting on the keyboard which will also be right at the front of the desk.

      Check out the HSE.gov.uk ergonomics at work site for info because it works. The whole thing feels quite alien initially and also makes you look rather (excuse the pun) laid back. Changing your seating position may mean changing chair and monitor height soI believe that some office managers may have a bit of an issue with the somewhat relaxed appearance of the posture but it has made a huge difference to many people who come to me with work related neck and back pain. I have a few theories as to why it works, mainly I think it makes it almost impossible to fall into the inevitable slump and tortoise neck which we all adopt because we cannot maintain the bolt upright posture.

      By the way, get to know your chair. Don't be frightened of finding out what all of those levers around the seat do. Then you can put it right for you anytime, even if you are hot desking or someone has 'nicked' your favourite chair.

  • Road works

    The usual access to the premises is closed at the Milburngate roundabout. Please follow diversion signs for the route through North Road.