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Move it

Ok quick check, are you sitting comfortably? Are you on the edge of you seat, or at the back, go on have a wriggle to sit supported. Are you curled over a laptop? Do yourself a favour and arch backwards for a moment to stretch between your ribs, let's get some air in, and give your heart and stomach some room to work. Now look to see if your shoulders are in front of your rib cage, and your chin even further forward in that attractive tortoise posture. Try a little experiment. Look to the left and then right. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the back. Now look left and right again, I bet you you had more movement. You'll also have a grateful neck which isn't having to carry the weight of you arms. Job done. Repeat regularly, to improve lung function, digestion, venous return, muscle balance, inter-vertebral disc health and general attractiveness.