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Entrance to site

The sewerage treatment works along the road (Barkers Haugh..such a great name, any ideas where it came from?) is having a makeover. As a result there are road works going on in the lane at the turn off to the Practice. It may be easier to access the site from the first turning after Crook Hall and then driving in front of the AEP to get to us.

By the way, whilst it's not so very glamorous to have the sewerage treatment works as a neighbour it does mean that our road is kept clear of ice and snow. I endeavor to keep the entrance and car park clear too. I had to take 10 minutes out of a clinic session last Thursday in that sudden dump of snow in order to spread grit. Apologies to those who had to wait whilst I shovelled but it was a job that had to be done, and the 1st time I've ever had to stop mid clinic because of the weather.

Pleae take care on the ice, it is possibly better to miss a run/cycle/ walk due to poor surface rather than have an accident and miss several months?