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Dunelm Osteopaths

Sometimes we can't fix the problem but we can help you to manage it so we need to get to know you.

Amy-Leigh Smith

Amy-Leigh is an outgoing person, strongly motivated and passionate about delivering high quality patient centered care. Throughout her osteopathic career so far, she has enjoyed using the broad treatment styles that osteopathy can offer and has treated a wide range of patients, from newborn babies to the elderly, developing her ability to adapt treatment approaches.

Amy-Leigh prides herself on providing patients with bespoke treatment and exercise plans which aim to not only address the presenting complaint but reduce further injury and improve quality of life.

Amy-Leigh is the lead Musculo-skeletal therapist at Bishop Auckland Football Club which means providing both pitch side and backroom injury care and rehabilitation. She deals with acute injuries such as ankle sprains, muscular tears and fractures; as well as the rehabilitation of various surgeries to ensure all players remain match fit and available for selection. She has also worked with Bishop Auckland Cricket Club in the past. However, despite her interest in sporting injuries she loves the challenge of a wider practice as seen at Dunelm Osteopaths.

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