Dunelm Osteopaths

If you are putting up with recurrent injury or pain make the first step to getting back to enjoying yourself.

Your First Visit to Dunelm Osteopaths

The aim of the consultation is to find out why you are suffering and what has caused the problem. Thus we may end up looking at your feet even though you are complaining of low back pain. So be prepared. We are likely to ask you to undress to your underwear or you might like to bring a pair of shorts to change into. You are more than welcome to bring along a close friend or relative if you would like a chaperone.

The initial consultation will take between 45 and 60 minutes. We may ask you lots of questions to build up a detailed case history, - please be patient - they are relevant. We will do our best to explain our findings and explain how we think we can help. If we feel we cannot help we will explain why. In this case there will be no charge for the consultation.

You may be shown some exercises to do or be given an advice sheet. If you don’t understand, please do not be afraid to say so. Often people find that once they are home again they have forgotten about certain advice and explanations. It’s not surprising, there is a lot going on at your first visit - don’t be embarrassed to telephone or ask again at your next appointment.

Some people feel quite tired after the treatment, it may be necessary to ask you to do certain movements which reproduce your symptoms, so you may be a little sore. Generally it is a good idea to drink plenty of water and try to have a relatively inactive day. Use your common sense, but if you are at all worried let us know. Similarly, if you have any complaints, please inform us.

We look forward to seeing you!

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