feel the fear

I went to a new exercise class on Monday, the weather forecast made running look like a chore. I was full of enthusiasm until a couple of hours before whereupon the doubts started.

What if; 

I don't like it,

I make a fool of myself,

I'm  the oldest, fattest,

I'm the worse dressed/wearing the wrong gear.

Then my neck started hurting, maybe I should give it a miss this week. Oh and it was now pouring with rain and it is hard enough finding somewhere new in good weather. And of course just when I wanted to finish on time I ran over...maybe it will be too late.

Luckily I had followed my own advice and had planned my own back up. I had been in touch with a friend who goes to this class and she had confirmed with the class leader that there would be a space for me. The thought of letting my friend down, and not seeing her, got me there. And yes I enjoyed it, I don't think I made a fool of myself and if I did I don't care because I had fun. Ditto oldest, fattest, clothing etc, the only person who might possibly care was me.....and I remembered it didn't matter.

 Go on, get out there DO SOMETHING